Sebakwe Dam Recreational Park

About the park

Sebakwe Recreational Park is situated in the Midlands of Zimbabwe and the Sebakwe River flows to the west and has forced a narrow defile through the Great Dyke.

Initially built as a small dam, an enlargement project was undertaken in 1981 with the main wall including the spillway being lengthened from 225 metres to 305 metres and the maximum height of the dam was raised to 47.2 metres. This dramatically increased the size of the lake and the maximum depth of the water increased to 39.4 metres and the surface area of the water body became 2,600 hectares making it one of the largest inland dams in Zimbabwe.

how to get there

Access by Road

From Kwekwe, along the Mvuma Road visitors travel for 43.6 kilometres on tarred road for most of the way before turning off to Sebakwe Dam Recreational Park on the left, 51.9 kilometres reach the Park entrance gate.

what to wear?

September to March

For summer, cool comfortable clothing is recommended along with sunhats and sunscreen.

April to August

For winter and autumn, warm clothing is recommended, especially for the night times.
Wear earthy colours and avoid bright-coloured clothing like red, yellow, bright green etc

what to bring?

Binoculars, cameras, hiking/ walking shoes and wildlife reference books or smartphone applications.
Food supplies enough for the stay.
Medical Aid Kit.
Malaria and insect repellant.
Mosquito nets.


Crocodiles along the shore.
Avoid getting to close the edge on the dam wall.


Day Visitors/ Accomodated

Day Visitors/ Accomodated

Day Visitors/ Accomodated
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Vehicle Entry
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