Lake Kyle

About the park

The park has an area of 169km 2 and is located about 30km east of Masvingo, with Great Zimbabwe Ruins, a world heritage site, to its south. At capacity, the lake covers approximately 93 square kilometres, with the remaining 76km 2 covered by land. The northern boundary of the park is surrounded by the Beza Range which rises to a height of 1 455 m.

The park has beautiful miombo woodland, thickets, grassland and rocky hills which support only a sparse cover of herbs and grasses.  The Park is home to more than twenty-five species of wild mammals including white rhino, buffalo and leopard among others. In addition, over 35 bird species are supported by the ecosystem and it makes for a rich birding experience.

how to get there

Access by Road

From Harare

Take the A4 for 295km till you reach Masvingo. While in Masvingo, proceed towards Mutare then turn right and proceed straight towards the park

From Bulawayo

Travel along the Bulawayo-Beitbidge road, then take a left at Mbalabala towards Zvishavane. In Zvishavane, proceeds towards Masvingo, then get onto Mutare road

what to wear?

September to March

For summer, cool comfortable clothing is recommended along with sunhats and sunscreen.

April to August

For winter and autumn, warm clothing is recommended, especially for the night times.
Wear earthy colours and avoid bright-coloured clothing like red, yellow, bright green etc

what to bring?

Binoculars, cameras, hiking/ walking shoes and wildlife reference books or smartphone applications.
Food supplies enough for the stay.
Medical Aid Kit.
Malaria and insect repellant.
Mosquito nets.


Crocodiles along the shore.
Avoid getting to close the edge on the dam wall.


Day Visitors/ Accomodated

Day Visitors/ Accomodated

Day Visitors/ Accomodated
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Vehicle Entry
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