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Water management


Zimbabwe’s iconic national parks are found in semi-arid areas with extremely hot temperatures in the dry season. Nothing is more important to wildlife than abundant and clean water.

In all our parks, our rangers have three primary goals;

to identify areas in need of artificial water supply,
installing and maintaining water equipment and,
keeping it safe from vandalism or destruction.

Law Enforcement

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority is mandated to enforce laws against all illegal activities pertaining to wildlife across all protected areas in Zimbabwe.

Illegal harvesting of natural resources not only threatens animals but affects human beings as well, especially the surrounding communities.

Rangeland Management

Guided by the weight of scientific evidence, our rangers provide the manpower to manage invasive species through the application of various control techniques and the reclamation of degraded areas within our parks.

They are also active in data collection and recording of various phenomena within these rangelands.

Fire Management

Fire outbreaks can be extremely destructive, leaving a trail of death and devastation in their wake. Each year, Zimbabwe loses approximately a million hectares of forest and grassland to veld fires. To combat veld fires in our parks, we conduct awareness campaigns with communities, highlighting mitigation and response measures.

We also construct and maintain gravel roads and fireguards to limit the spread of unplanned veld fire outbreaks.

Early planned burning also takes place in specific areas to reduce the fuel load and maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

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