About the park

Mana Pools National Park is located in the northernmost part of Zimbabwe along the Zambezi River to its north, which flows towards the Indian Ocean. The park, one of the world’s greatest natural splendours, covers approximately 2196km2, and together with five safari areas - Charara, Hurungwe, Sapi, Chewore and Dande; and Lower Zambezi National Park (Zambia) form a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mana Pools is remote and remains one of the few real wilderness areas left in the world. The name "Mana'' means "four" in Shona (the local language) and applies to the four pools; Green Pool, Chisasiko, Chine and Long Pool. The latter is the largest of the four, stretching over six kilometres with a large permanent population hippos, crocodiles and drawing large herds of elephant and various aquatic birds.

The park is home to the big four (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard), painted dogs, various antelope and about 380 bird species.

The alluvial soils in the floodplain area support mature riverine woodlands of natal mahogany, rain tree and apple ring acacia while the areas further from the Zambezi River are covered with mopane, thick jesse bush and towering baobab trees.

how to get there

Access by Road

Road from Chirundu highway only accessed by 4x4 vehicles.
Mana Pools is approximately 391km from Harare.

Drive along the main Harare – Chirundu road, you will pass the Makuti, this is approximately 295 km from Harare. Continue past Makuti to Marongora Parks Offices. Stop at the Marongora Parks Offices on the left hand side of the road. There you must obtain a permit to enter Mana Pools.
From Marongora continue towards Chirundu down the escarpment, through the Tsetse Fly Control Point after which you turn right onto a gravel road to Mana Pools, it is clearly sign posted.  This road is currently very corrugated, and should be driven with caution.
At the turning point onto the dirt road you will come across the first of two security booms (Chimutsi Gate). You will have to show the entry permit you got from Marongora. After the first boom follow the road until you reach the second boom gate (Nyakasikana Gate) from here you will turn left and continue on to Nyamepi Tourist Office.
Follow the signs that will take you to Nyamepi Tourist Office

Access by Air

Private charters are available from any airstrip in Zimbabwe to Mana Pools airstrip located within the park.

what to wear?

September to March

For summer, cool comfortable clothing is recommended along with sunhats and sunscreen.

April to August

For winter and autumn, warm clothing is recommended, especially for the night times.

Wear earthy colours and avoid bright-coloured clothing like red, yellow, bright green etc

what to bring?

Binoculars, cameras, hiking/ walking shoes and wildlife reference books or smartphone applications.
Food supplies enough for the stay.
Medical Aid Kit.
Malaria and insect repellant.
Mosquito nets.


Elephants with calves
Buffaloes with calves
Avoid the edge of the river bank

tented camps

Elephant Creek

developed campsites


exclusive campsites

  • Mucheni
  • Ndungu
  • Gwaya
  • Chitake


Day Visitors/ Accomodated

Day Visitors/ Accomodated

Day Visitors/ Accomodated
US$ 20.00/ US$ 20.00
US$ 15.00/ US$ 15.00
US$ 8.00/ US$ 8.00
Vehicle Entry
US$ 10.00/ US$ 3.00
US$ 10.00/ US$ 3.00
US$ 5.00/ US$ 2.00