This section falls under conservation division and it is the overseer of all the fragile natural resources contained in the 5 million hectares (13%) of Zimbabwe’s total land. This land is categorised as National Parks (11), Recreational Parks (16), Sanctuaries (6), Safari Areas (16), Botanical Reserves (12) and Botanical Gardens (3). Its main roles include;

  • Protection and management of Parks and Wildlife Estate, and the wildlife and ecosystems therein;
  • Enforcement of the Parks and Wildlife Act and all subsidiary legislation on protected, private and communal lands;
  • Protection and management of specially protected species;
  • Implementation of wildlife management plans and monitoring of biodiversity status and trends;
  • Overseeing the hunting industry and other wildlife utilisation aspects;
  • Provision of technical services through basic and applied research in wildlife flora and fauna;
  • Enforcement of adaptive management approach and sustainable utilisation;
  • Compliance with Bilateral and Multilateral Environmental Agreements
  • Carrying out Extension, Interpretation and Problem Animal Control issues.


  1. Conservation Law enforcement

Management services division is mandated to enforce the laws by arresting offenders who engage themselves in all forms of illegal activities which include harvesting of natural resources (plants, animals, fish, birds and minerals) either for substance or commercial use. This is achieved through implementation of the following strategies:

  • Carrying out daily/local patrol (foot, river, air, road and horse)
  • Routine extended patrol
  • Strategic/ clandestine deployments
  • Carrying out reaction patrol
  • Conduct joint operations with other law enforcement agencies within and outside the country.
  • Manning roadblocks
  • Carrying out aerial surveillance through use of drones and aircraft
  1. Problem Animal Management
  • Receives and execute actions for a reported problem animal
  • Planning and mobilising appropriate resources for the problem animal
  • Conducts assessment to establish the degree of threat, damage and suggest appropriate mitigatory approach.
  • Approves and implements mitigating techniques such as carrying out educational campaigns, scaring aware, translocation and use of lethal method.
  1. Problem Bird Management
  • Receives and execute actions for a reported problem birds
  • Planning and mobilising resources for the problem birds
  • Conduct assessment to establish the degree of threat, damage and suggest appropriate mitigatory approach.
  • Approves and implement controlling methods (Use of chemicals or net traps).
  1. Fire Management

Mandated to reduce habitat destruction through unplanned veld fires in protected areas through implementation of the following strategies

  • Adheres to national fire management requirements
  • Carrying out awareness campaigns to educate staff and communities about dangers associated with veld fires
  • Teaching and demonstrating the use of fire fighting equipment
  • Constructing and maintaining standard roads and fireguards in protected areas.
  • Carrying out planned burning in protected areas.
  • Zoning all unplanned veld fire outbreaks
  1. Game water management
  • Identifying areas of need and recommends for artificial water supply
  • Installing water pumps, repair and monitor its efficient
  • Pumping and management of water trophies
  • Providing security to shun vandalism of water supply equipment
  1. Trophy hunting management
  • Checking conformity of all hunting documents
  • Escorting and monitor sport hunts to enforce compliance with hunting ethics
  1. Animal Capture and translocation
  • Assisting in the game capture process
  • Escorting the transportation process
  1. Rifles and ammunition management
  • Maintaining and updating the firearms and ammunition databases.
  • Facilitating in the procurement of ammunition and riffles
  • Enforcing the safe storage at all stations
  • Carrying out annual ammunition and rifle inspections
  1. Game fence management
  • Participating in the fence erection and maintenance
  • Providing security and monitoring to deter intruders
  1. Range land management
  • Reducing invasive species density in parks through application of various control techniques.
  • Reclamation of the degraded areas in Parks Estates.
  • Assisting in range land inventory data collection
  1. Conservation statistics databases
  • Capturing and maintaining law enforcement efforts through Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART)
  • Maintaining and updating Problem Animal Control (PAC) National Databases
  • Updating National Wildlife poaching statistics database
  • Updating National Wildlife mortality database
  1. Clearance of conservation flights in protected areas
  • The Cluster Manager(CM) recommends for conservation flights
  • Requesting clearance from Ministry of Defence (MOD) on behalf of CM
  • Seeking permission from Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) on behalf of flight operators intending to support conservation efforts.
  1. Recommends for renewal/issuance of firearms certificate
  • Recommends for a support letter for renewal or issuance of fire arms certificate provided that the applicant meet the following demand;
  • Should be an active player in the wildlife industry (holder of PH/PG or LPH/LPG valid license, registered private wildlife farmer, be an operator in the Parks Estate)
  • Reconciliation of administration fee
  1. Recommends for field patrol equipment and uniforms
  • Consolidates Clusters’ request
  • Recommends specific field equipment and uniforms to maintain quality
  • Facilitates on the distribution process
  1. Conducts training and refresher courses to rangers
  • Identifying conservation training needs
  • Facilitates in the training programmes
  • Assisting in the development of conservation law enforcement manuals
  1. Preservation and management of game products
  • Participating in skinning and trophy mounting
  • Assisting in preservation of game products
  • Recording and providing security to the game products


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