Fire Management Guidelines

How are fires caused? There are several causes of wild fires.

Natural causes of fire are:

• lightning at the beginning of the rains Accidental causes of fire are:

• cooking or camp fires at overnight stops, e.g., bus stops

• cigarettes carelessly thrown into the bush

• fires which escape during honey collection

• fires which escape during land preparation

• rubbish dumps around homesteads, hunting camps and mines Fires are deliberately set to:

• improve grazing,

• clear land for cultivation,

• drive wild animals when hunting,

• make smoke in order to collect honey,

• reduce the negative impact of wild fires (early burning, back burning, burning fire breaks) When do most wild fires occur?

Wild fires start early on in the dry season, in about May or June. Most fires however, occur between August and October and sometimes November. The exact time of year at which fires start and finish depends on the past rainy season and the start of the rains in the current season.

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