ZimParks Client Services Charter

Zimparks Client Service Charter Version 4


























  1. Preamble

The Parks and Wildlife Management Authority is mandated by the Parks and Wildlife Act [Chapter 20:14], with the responsibility of conserving Zimbabwe’s wildlife heritage through effective, efficient and sustainable protection and utilisation of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

It’s major functions include the preservation, conservation, propagation or control of the wild life, fish and plants of Zimbabwe and the protection of her natural landscape and scenery.

The Authority is also responsible for providing economic, educational and recreational opportunities for the citizens of Zimbabwe, investors and tourists at large as provided for in the Act.

  1. Vision


To be a world leader in sustainable wildlife conservation


  1. Mission


To conserve Zimbabwe’s wildlife heritage through protection and sustainable utilisation of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.


  1. Mandate


The Authority derives its mandate from the Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20.14) as amended by the Act Number 19 of 2001. The Government of Zimbabwe regards wildlife as a national asset which should be used sustainably through consumptive and non-consumptive means for the betterment of its people.  The Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20.14) provides for the protection and sustainable utilization of flora and fauna within and outside protected areas. The Act was amended (Amendment Act No. 19) to allow for the creation of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. The Authority is the overall custodian of all wildlife and manages the Parks Estate on behalf of the state and achieves this custodianship through regulation as well as institutional structures and arrangements to enhance its mandate.


The Authority is also mandated to mobilise resources (including sustainable utilisation of wildlife) to support resources for wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe for direct management of state protected areas (or the Parks and Wildlife Estate), developing conservation programmes such as CAMPFIRE, Conservancies, and get to the bottom of human and wildlife conflict. Wildlife production is becoming a legitimate and sustainable form of land use in assisting development for many areas that are marginal to agriculture.



  1. Corporate Values


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation



  1. Departments in the Organisation and their Vision and Mission Statements


Department Function – subject to review and editing by respective Department Heads Vision

Each HOD to complete


Each HOD to complete

      i.         Human Resources

Mrs T Muyemayema


Phone: 0772 364 398

The Human Resources Department aims to deliver adequate institutional capacity to support the Authority’s activities through the following activities:-

Human Resources Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Review of Human Resources Policies & Administrative Procedures, Industrial Relations – creation of a harmonious work environment, Library and Records Management, Performance Management, Health, Safety and Wellness, Compensation – Payroll Administration, Staff training & Development.


To be recognised as a trusted resource partner and innovator in support of Zimparks’ vision and employee needs. To provide efficient and effective Human Capital Management services that enable Zimparks to attract, support, retain and develop the diverse talent needed to achieve and sustain the company’s mission and vision.
     ii.         Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

HOD: Mr. Hope Magaya


Phone: 0772 436 659


Provision of IT services for all functions of the Authority – the department has representatives at region level. To ensure that the organisation has access to appropriate Information Communication Technology (ICT) and it is equipped for organisational survival in the modern era


To improve capacity in the use of ICT in the organisation through supporting oganisational strategies and objectives
   iii.         Terrestrial Ecology

HOD: Mrs. Roseline Chikerema



Phone: 0772 433907


·       The department conducts the necessary research to provide technical advice to the to policy makers, resource managers, stakeholders, and the public

·       Provide science-based information on wildlife conservation and management options to support the implementation and formulation of wildlife laws, regulations and policies

·               Undertake problem-orientated research in any area or to secure the necessary inputs from external researchers if unable to do so.

·               Conduct feasibility assessment for all proposed activities and developments in Parks Estate in line with national, regional and international regulations

·       Compliance with Multilateral Environmental Agreements as Scientific Authority

·       Facilitation of research by conducted by external clients within protected areas.

Sustainable wildlife conservation To contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of wildlife in Zimbabwe by conducting exemplary research and providing scientific information and advice to policy makers, resource managers, stakeholders, and the public.


   iv.         Community Liaison and Extension Services

HOD: Mrs. Doris Tom


Phone: 0772 111835

The Mandate of the Community Liaison and Extension Services Department is to promote inclusive sustainable management of Zimbabwe’s Wildlife heritage through the provision of conservation education, interpretation and awareness programmes to the Public. The Department therefore endeavours to ensure that conservation of wildlife resources and biodiversity in general, involves the communities living within wildlife home ranges and the general populace through provision of targeted extension and interpretation services  at region and station level with the objective of promoting conservation education.


To be a world leader in sustainable use and conservation of wildlife within the communities.


To conserve Zimbabwe’s wildlife heritage through protection and sustainable utilisation of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations within the communities.


     v.         Business Development

Acting HOD: Mr. A Chingombe


Phone: 0772 380 126

The department is responsible for commercial leases by third party operations in protected areas and development of new business ventures and investment promotion and facilitation. to spearhead sustainable utilization of natural resources for protection of biodiversity Facilitation of effective natural resource based business investments that enhance ecologically sustainable economic activity in protected areas
    vi.         Audit & Risk

HOD: Mr. Gift Kuwora



The department monitors compliance to policies and procedures of all departmental operations of the Authority. All activities in the Authority have procedure manuals i.e. Tourism, HR, Finance, which all managers are expected to comply with in their day to day roles. It also monitors operational risk and mitigatory measures thereof. To ensure that all Authority activities are examined and evaluated on  the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control system and risk management system





Provision of an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations, Assist the Authority in meeting Objectives through incorporating a systematic disciplined approach in evaluation and  improvement on the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.


  vii.         Mushandike College

HOD: Mr. Dickson Chitupa



Phone: +263 772 572 050

The Zimparks owned college is responsible for  Training and professional development of Zimparks conservation professionals and all stakeholders in the wider conservation community. It offers short and long term programmes in Wildlife Management from certificate to degree level as an affiliate of NUST. Higher Education registered and designs tailored courses in tourism and related fields. The college implements the country’s Education 5.0 for the wildlife industry To be an internationally recognized leader in wildlife conservation training and education.


To carry out professional development of Zimparks conservation professionals and all stakeholders in the wider conservation community for the sustainable conservation of Zimbabwe’s wildlife
 viii.         Aquatic Ecology

HOD: Mr. Itai Tendaupenyu


Phone: 0779 044 312

The department is responsible for conducting research, monitoring and evaluation of water-based (aquatic) wildlife and ecosystems. This includes managing fisheries and aquaculture activities in Zimbabwe, crocodiles, hippos and the recreational use of major water bodies. This department also conducts research on water quality as well as well-being of fish and other wildlife found in water bodies and uses scientific methods to set acceptable limits of commercial use of these aquatic natural resources. For fisheries and aquaculture activities in Zimbabwe to contribute significantly to national food and nutrition security whilst maintaining healthy aquatic ecosystems. To facilitate fisheries and aquaculture opportunities to Zimbabwe’s citizens whilst ensuring these are conducted in an eco-friendly manner in an effort to boost per capita consumption of fish, household and national economies.
    ix.         Tourism and Quality Assurance

HOD: Mr Aaron Chingombe


Phone: 0772380126

The department is responsible for the operations of all tourist facilities in the parks estate that are accommodation, campsites, activities, commercial filming, photography and issuing of tour operators licences and travel agency agreements. The department also coordinates the introduction of Quality Management Systems as the Authority aims to achieve ISO certification Product quality that consistently exceeds the customer’s needs and expectations at all times. To enhance the overall customer experience through the formulation and implementation of Quality Management Systems in all operations.
     x.         Legal and Cooperate Services

HOD: Mrs. Rumbidzai Mutetwa


Phone: 0772 913667

The Section provides legal services to the Authority, it is mandated with the protection of the Authority’s pecuniary and other interests through the provision of legal advice and issuing permits.   Its main activities include, negotiating, vetting and drafting Agreements, continuous scanning the environment to assess changes in the legal arena likely to impact on the organization’s performance, training and providing legal counsel to staff (mainly Rangers) arrested on duty, monitoring criminal matters to ensure the correct application of the Parks and Wildlife Act in prosecuting offenders and ensuring maximum sentences are handed down, Reviewing and recommending changes to the Authority’s legislation,  Conducting litigation on behalf of the Authority in the Labour, Magistrates Courts and other legal institutions where in-house legal counsel have audience. To be an innovative world class legal services support section providing  sound and reliable legal services


To provide sound, efficient, accountable, responsive, reliable legal services to support the administration of wildlife  by the Authority.


    xi.         Marketing

HOD: Mr. Peter Dhlula


Phone: 0772 465541

The department sells and promotes all the consumptive and non consumptive tourism and commercial products and services of the Authority, their activities include advertising on all media, exhibitions, displays, brand positioning which also are conducted at station level. To competitively position the Zimparks brand in the market for effective generation of sustainable revenues for biodiversity management and protection









To enhance brand equity that fosters sustainable growth in demand for wildlife products and services through synergies that will provide a unique travel experience in Zimbabwe.
  xii.         Finance and Administration

HOD: Mr. Joseph Kusotera


Phone: 0772 436674

The division which allocates financial and other resources to all departments in the Authority. It is responsible for revenue collection, accounts, stores, procurement, transport and asset management. To be a central hub of the Authority in the provision of financial and administrative services that are timeous and compliant to the laws and auditing requirements  of the country. To provide support  to the Authority operations through  timeous and quality financial services, sourcing  and distribution of monetary and non monetary assets for the benefit of the organisation and biodiversity.
 xiii.         Parksmed Health Fund

HOD: Mr. Fanuel Chikande

(General Manager)


Phone: 0772 554775


The Authority operates its own Medical Aid Fund due to the special needs associated with the wide geographical coverage and remote areas. The Fund was registered as a restricted medical Fund as per Medical Services (Medical Aid Societies) Regulations, 2000 as per Statutory Instrument 330 of 2000. To be a World Class Medical Fund To provide excellent, reliable and high quality medical cover to all members all the time
 xiv.         Security and Intelligence

HOD: Mr. Philemon November


Phone: 0784 445661




The department undertakes wildlife related criminal investigations To be the first line of defence for wildlife conservation on law enforcement and related activities. Conserving Zimbabwe wildlife heritage and the Authority assets through application of modern intelligence techniques.
   xv.         International Conservation Affairs

HOD: Prof. Patience Gandiwa (Director)


Phone: 0772 916988

Wildlife conservation and management is also a regional and global matter. There are a number of initiatives to promote the conservation of wildlife and habitat beyond national boundaries. Such initiatives are clearly spelt-out in various multi-lateral environmental agreements ratified by Zimbabwe. At global level, ZimParks is a key role player in the implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) and Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), to mention a few. At regional level, ZimParks catalysing the implementation of the SADC Protocol on Wildlife Conservation and Law Enforcement and the Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) agreements signed, and resolutions adopted under various joint commission forums. The main function of this department is to make ensure implementation of national obligations and compliance-where ZimParks/Zimbabwe is expected to play a leading role on wildlife matters/related matters in line with the specific objectives in the agreements signed/ratified. A department that facilitates effective implementation, engagements and compliance within the regional and global wildlife conservation frameworks To be a catalyst for implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, the Transfrontier Conservation Area programmes, and resolutions made under various Joint commissions, ensuring compliance while contributing to national targets, to achieve sustainable developmental goals through wildlife conservation initiatives beyond protected areas.  xvi.         Special Assignments

HOD: Mr Alec E. Dangare


Phone: 0772 436686

The Authority manages vast areas of land with countless stakeholders. This department coordinates the planning, development and implementation of the Conservation Division‘s Monitoring and Evaluation Programme. It also liaises with relevant representatives of other institutions in ensuring the Authority’s effective participation in key National Initiatives and Programmes Meet shareholder needs and exceed stakeholder expectations Enhancing equitable sustainable development through shared responsibility
xvii.         Special Assignments

HOD: Mr Alec E. Dangare


Phone: 0772 436686

The Authority manages vast areas of land with countless stakeholders. This department coordinates the planning, development and implementation of the Conservation Division‘s Monitoring and Evaluation Programme. It also liaises with relevant representatives of other institutions in ensuring the Authority’s effective participation in key National Initiatives and Programmes Meet shareholder needs and exceed stakeholder expectations Enhancing equitable sustainable development through shared responsibility
xviii.         Public Relations

HOD: Mr Tinashe Farawo


Phone: 0772 433901

This is the Official Authority mouthpiece. The department communicates formal official positions regarding any issue of interest in the operations of the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to ensure that our communication will be of highest standard which is clear and concise. Our mission is to bring the concerns of the world of opinion forming and decision making into the strategic hub of corporation and also the authority’s social and business values and its vision out into the world.


 xix.         Chaplaincy and Counselling Services

HOD: Mr Trust Mashingaidze


Phone: 0772 130078


The department’s role is to provide Chaplaincy,  Psychosocial and Counselling Services for staff members in the Authority and where possible their immediate family members. This would ensure that productivity is attained and there is sustainability in Authority. To provide quality and professional Chaplaincy and  Counselling Services for the Authority To achieve maximum productivity from staff through fostering a culture of mental,  physical, emotional,  spiritual and psychological wellbeing.
   xx.         Veterinary and Capture Unit

Dr. C. Chaitezvi


Phone: 0777 457 484


The department provides wild animal veterinary, capture and research services in diseases control, investigations, treatments, prevention, translocations and welfare issues To be amongst the  best providers of wild animals veterinary, Capture and research services regionally To avoid preventable wild animal mortalities through disease control, treatment and prevention and provide humane capturing and translocation  services to wild animals.




  1. Clients


  • Internal


Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Staff


Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry




  • External


  • Tourists
  • Safari Operators
  • Marketing Agents
  • Communities
  • Lessees
  • Fishers
  • Researchers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Trophy Dealers
  • Wildlife producers
  • Hunters and guides
  • Donors
  • Film-makers
  • Media
  • Investors
  • National Security Organs
  • National Prosecuting Authority
  • Conservation Partners



  1. Service Commitments and Standards


In servicing its internal and external clients, the Authority undertakes to:

  • Attend to all telephone calls within 3 rings;
  • Acknowledge all correspondence within 5 working days;
  • Treat all clients with utmost courtesy and respect;
  • Attend to problem animal control requests including Quelea control within 48hours of receiving such request;
  • Issue all import/export permit applications for trophies within 7 working days and all other permits within 14 working days of receiving such application;
  • Provide clean and habitable tourist facilities at all times;
  • Provide user friendly booking/reservation system to the public at all times;
  • Provide Tourist information to visitors at all times;
  • Recommend utilization and implementation of off take levels for both water and land based animal populations in and outside the Parks Estate annually;
  • Provide opportunity for investment in a fair and transparent manner;
  • Timely disseminate information on wildlife conservation through reports, manuals; publications, brochures and website during working hours;
  • Conduct wildlife protection in line with international best practices;
  • Timely submit statutory returns within the stipulated period at all times;
  • Offer advisory/consultancy services to the public, where appropriate on wildlife including fish and related matters within a month from receipt of request;
  • Draft leases/contracts for various wildlife utilization activities in the Parks Estate within a month;
  • Attend to requests for research in aquatic and terrestrial ecology within a month of receiving such request at a nominal fee;
  • Offer efficient Records and Library information services at a nominal fee during normal working hours;
  • Carry out wildlife surveys in and outside the Parks Estate within 3 months of receiving such a request;
  • Attend to media queries within 24hours of receiving the issues.



  1. Obligations and Rights



  1. The Authority’s obligations to clients are:


Provision of satisfactory service

Good governance and accountability

Clarity and consistency of policy

Effective coordination

Improved partnerships

Impartial treatment

Attend stakeholders’ meetings on time

Not to accept bribes

Our final responsibility to our country, Zimbabwe – We will at all times remain loyal, honest citizens, prepared to support good works, and put to good use public assets entrusted to us, in nation building.


We will maintain in good order the heritage we are privileged to protect, conserve and utilize sustainably the wildlife resources that the government has put in our custody.


  1. Clients’ expectations in relation to service provision.


We pledge that our first responsibility is to strive to fulfill the needs of our clients who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality, prompt and efficient service. We endeavor to maintain high standards of courtesy, accuracy, hygiene and housekeeping.



  • Clients’ obligations in relation to service provision.


The Authority believes that clients have certain obligations to abide by certain codes of conduct and behavior, to help the Authority to provide them and ensure a successful ongoing relationship.

Clients have an obligation to: –

Adhere to existing Park by-laws and regulations when patronising or making use of resources within protected areas;

Respond to requests for information precisely, accurately, adequately and on time;

Abide by legal requirements and other obligations that they must in order to be eligible for payments or services sought;

Attend scheduled meetings punctually;

Not to offer bribes or solicit information deemed as confidential;

Treat our staff with courtesy;

Clients can assist the Organisation through providing feedback on services rendered through grievance procedure mechanisms


  1. Clients Rights

Appeal for review of any decisions made

Lodge a complaint

Privacy and confidentiality

Access services, facilities and information in a manner which meets their   needs – particularly the special needs of the physically challenged.

10.  Review of Clients Charter


For continued relevance and effectiveness, the Authority will review the Charter annually in line with the Strategic Plan review in consultation with its client and stakeholders in order to ensure that:

The Charter continues to reflect our approach to client service and any significant new initiatives in this area,

The service commitment is need driven in respect of clients and stakeholders,

The Charter continues to meet our principles and core values.




  1. Feedback/How to contact the Organisation



The Authority is administrative structure comprises of a head office and 8 provincial regions and operations stations at which clients can submit their feedback.

All Public Offices in the Authority have a suggestion box that is a accessed by the region managers and the Director General respectively.


The redress mechanism of the Authority is as follows:



  1. Postal and Physical addresses

Comments, suggestions and complaints should be directed to:


Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority

Cnr Borrowdale Road and Sandringham Drive 

P.O Box CY140




VOIP Phone      +263 (0)8677707627

Landline            +263 (0)242 707624-9









The various contact details of the authority are as follows:


Region/Office and Contact Physical/ Postal Address Email and Phone Number
Mid Zambezi Region

F. Chimeramombe

Chinhoyi Caves Recreational Park

Chinhoyi Karoi Rd




Sebungwe Region

M. Kapesa

Stand number 33

Light industry





Matobo Region

K. Manungo

15th Avenue Between Fort and Joshua Mqabuko Street

Bag 2283






Hwange Region

S. Chibaya

No 704 Baobab Shopping Centre



+263 812830912

0773 507 436

Harare Region

S. Musakwa

Boulton Atlantica Centre

Nharira Hills Road

Off Norton Harare Road



0772 420 332

Eastern Highlands Region

M. Chikwanha

Nyanga Region Office, Room 8 Embasy Bulding, Cnr Aerodrome/ Second Street, Mutare. mchikwanha@zimparks.org.zw


0772 436 682

South East Lowveld Region

L. Njiva

Corner Leopold Takawira Ave & Greenfield Street




0392 263913

0772 393554

Ngezi Region

T. Jura

8 Gailles Road




0552525154-6 ; 0552520135

Public Relations Manager

T. Farawo

Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Head Office, National Botanic Gardens, Sandringham Drive Corner Borrowdale Road, Harare tfarawo@zimparks.org.zw



0772 433901


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