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We build a better digital future.

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Creative Design

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Endless Possibilities

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Victoria Falls World Heritage Property


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Research Strategy

Research priorities have been identified in the eight administrative regions of Zimparks.

These priorities are divided into aquatic and terrestrial ecology areas and serve as possible areas for research partnerships and collaborations. The priorities are classified as high, medium and low.

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We develop & create digital future.

We appreciate your trust. Our clients choose us and our products because they know we're the best.

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We develop & create digital future.

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These are organisations created to support the management of community-owned land for the benefit of livelihoods.

They provide indigenous communities with a framework and the right incentives to protect the diverse wildlife they share the landscape with.

Conservancies promote the sustainable management of rangelands and fisheries,
And provide a vehicle for raising the standards of living of marginalised communities living in close proximity to protected areas.
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We build a better digital future.

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Terrestial Research & Monitoring

Our team of 19 Terrestrial Ecologists and 20 Rangers has expertise in diverse terrestrial themes such as:-

  • large mammal monitoring,
  • carnivore research,
  • fire monitoring,

  • vegetation research,
  • fire monitoring,

  • impacts of tourism on wildlife and,
  • the updating and development of Protected Area General and Species Specific Management Plans.
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We create a better digital future.

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