As human society grapples with the burden brought upon us all by the Coronavirus Pandemic, wildlife is also faced with a pandemic that’s threatens the ecosystem which it calls home. Conservation and preservation of our game reserves has relied heavily on funding generated from tourism.

In order to save our lives, we have to stay indoors, the coronavirus does not move by itself, people move the coronavirus to each other. Tourism simply means not being at home, and the industry has shut its doors. Airplanes are grounded, borders are closed and 96% of countries have imposed travel restrictions on non residents.

We have a new pandemic that is brewing in the game reserves – “Wildlife Survival”. Without funds, the wildlife would not be protected from poachers and droughts, all animals are now endangered this is no longer about elephants or rhinoceros or pangolins but ALL animals are threatened.

Help the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority protect the wildlife and the environment during this difficult time by donating to the Zimbabwe Endangered Species Fund.

The proceeds shall enhance the supply of water to vulnerable wildlife populations and supplies for rangers to patrol the parks and defend the wildlife we all hold dear.

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